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Lyla Bond herself (not her real name) is said to personify the ‘Bittersweet’ life she infuses with her unfailing optimism and devotion to her disabled daughter, Miranda. She strives to be a woman of substance and sass over superficiality, intending to be an eccentric old lady riding an Italian scooter around university campus’...because believing that she and life are like water, if either stays still too long, both stagnate. 


She feels it her duty to impart on her children to value experiences and relationships rather than ’stuff’ and materialism, which drives them crazy. She values loyalty, generosity, creativity and above all else…. courage. Running keeps her sane and fit, hosting friends at her home makes her happy, and photography waits patiently in the wings for her to feed her creative soul again one day.

A Little More Intimate  Lyla...

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