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SHE TAUGHT ME - Synopsis.


At the end of an enchanting Spring fashion show, in Melbourne, Australia, Lyla Bond, a fledging young model is...'taken', and so begins a riveting saga of epic reclamation and fortitude. Once full of sensual promise and joy de vie, Lyla disrobes the glamorous gowns forever, and slips effortlessly into an ugly, heavy cloak of victimhood and shame that wasn't hers to ow

'She Taught Me' is a miraculous story based on true events, with some embellishment, of the tumultuous life that ensues, as Lyla begins a quest to reclaim the freedom and self-confidence of personal empowerment as a young woman. Unfortunately, without her soul that had fled in fear, she suffers irresversible fallout from poor choices, choices made from the hollowness of depression and a lack of self esteem that cause her to fall, as a house of cards in the slightest breeze, again and again and again.

So who is 'She'? Is 'She', Lyla's mentor in the clandstine world of Doms and faux dungeions? The seriously intellectually engaging, pseudo sexual pursuit, is detailed by hauntingly, and artfully seductive inferences only, such as one of Petra's pearls of wisdom..."The most provocative aphrodisiac for any man is..."

Or perhaps 'She' is the psychotherapist who pulls a middle aged, terrified, Lyla from the depth of emotional hell as her past charges into the present uninvited, yet is shown to be a blessing in disguise..a true last an opportunity to heal. Maybe 'She' is Lyla's profoundly disabled daughter who frequently flirts with the Angel of Death? Perhaps 'She', could be all three, or someone unexpected, long thought of as insignificant yet is finally seen, like exposing a magicians secret.

Both entertaining and confronting, 'She Taught Me' pokes you with the paradox of being disenheartening yet inspiring. The story vividly weaves the raw experiential vulnerability of a traumatized Lyla searching for herself from Australia to the rich vernacular of privileged minority in Hong Kong, then the ultimate contrast as a mother in working class America. The essence of this life illustrates how transitions are rarely  smooth, especially when the shadows of the soul determine they can lay dormant no more, so push to the surface, desperate for witness.

The more you discover about Lyla, the more you will want to admire her requisite for resilience, the more you will want to respect her crusade to find authenticity in a n identity that serves her instead of slowly killing her. You will be taught to imagine and appreciate how, just as coal cam become diamond, the pressure of an intensely discordant life filled with disappointment and despair, can indeed craft a jewel of courage glistening with potential. 'She Taught Me', so brimming with substance to respect yet certainly not envy, promises to bless you with many valuable gems, just allow yourself to be bewitched ... to lean in...and immerse your soul inot the experiences and lessons it spells out for you. Through empathy your spirit just may ignite a crusade of your own. I wonder what 'She taught Me' will teach you?

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