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Could You Be Lyla Bond? 

So... You've read the few sneak preview chapters of the compelling story that is Lyla's...or...the entire saga..


And now you're curious. You felt something resonate from deep inside. It needs a witness, or maybe even a label. It needs purging or nurturing, forgiving or embracing. 


Or...perhaps you were provoked, feel raw, tossed about, empathetic. If this is true for you... don't be shy. Consider stepping into the Lyla Bond portrayed in the chapter that knocked on your soul. 

Every month, 'Who is MsLBond?' will feature a reader who was willing, wanting, to be heard WHY a chapter resonated with her. What insight did she gain to enrich her own life. (Anonymity is respected as your choice.) 

If this is something you feel you'd like to embrace click here to share your revelation. She appreciates your response. She's waiting to learn how sharing her story can empower you, inspire you or even save you from repeating her faux pas!


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ms. L. Bond 

coming in 2018..

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