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 From a connoisseur of crisis 

 to a heroine of healing...

Ms L Bond is an explorer of the soul and a wary adversary of the ego's many mirrors and shadows. 

She is tenacious and bold and eager to embrace authentic connections with life's challenges and strangers she can befriend. But she hasn't always been this way, as you'll read in 'She Taught Me'. 

Lyla wasted decades with her personality poisoned from invisible pain of self loathing. She had to lean into it in order to be finally be free.

She wrote 'She Taught Me' with the intention of showing you that it's both necessary and possible to overcome circumstance, and when you can't change circumstance, then let it change you.... maybe that's what your soul signed up for?

There are tough touch points in She Taught Me, and Lyla has written her vulnerability in hopes to alleviate your shame much sooner than she did hers.... so don't waste another moment. Learn from her life and use it to your advantage.

Who is Ms.L.Bond?

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