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                      YOU'VE READ 'SHE TAUGHT ME'                                                   haven't you...


As an author, I take my responsibility to you, the reader seriously...


 'She Taught Me' will touch some nerves, poke and prod at places within your psyche you'd rather ignore. Please don't ignore them, learn from Lyla's mistakes.


If there is something that has you distracted, has started to feel like a splinter beneath your skin, something louder than a whisper from within,  don't you think now is a good opportunity to heal?

A close friend of mine has a mantra; ...." through the pain you find the freedom." So let's talk.... let's make a real connection,  through INTEGRITY, issues in 'She Taught Me' will find their  voice, maybe it's yours.  

Please feel free to engage with us in an intimate members only discussion forum, (Anyone can join but content is vetted to ensure decency and courtesy.)


It's a place where your privacy is respected as much as the individual journey you're grappling with. Your voice will be heard amongst readers like you... new friends. Lyla will interject when time permits, compassionately and sincerely. 

However, Ms L Bond is NOT a psychotherapist.... But her dear friend Teri IS.  Teri Sica is an empathetic, spit fire of a lady who has the zeal for life only seen in a child, yet the experience and insight of a talented analyst. She has offered to be an occasional 

voice of reason in our discussions.


So...If  'She Taught Me' has inspired you to delve into authentic healing, please reach out to Teri or another professional of equal calibre, and try the alternative modalities that helped Lyla so much. It's guaranteed to hurt a little... but it will be liberating.

Teri and I will be co authoring a series of books pertinent to the sensitive topics that 'She Taught Me' challenges women with.. so keep checking back for further announcements. 

With Heartfelt appreciation to you, a soul of substance untapped...

Welcome to the tenacious, courageous world of MsLBond where the tenet is discarding your cloak of shame so you can 'enrich you soul.'


Ms. Lyla Bond.

Let Lyla introduce you toTeri..


Ms L Bond does NOT receive financial compensation from Teri SIca. Ms L Bond has NOT been a client of Teri's. Her introduction is based on evidence based belief in Teri's professional abilities, dedication, professional testimonies. and through friendship. 

coming soon....


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